Monday 15 May 2023

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Lord Echo has a worldwide cult following as he's a bit of a DJ Shadow-ish genre mixer where his album tracks can be inflenced by Latin, dub, afrobeat, neo-soul, downtempo, jazz-funk, hip-hop and "Mutant Disco"!

The eight tracks cover limited edition vinyl only releases from his Wonderful Noise Productions era so it's cool that now he's on Soundway that they can get these tracks a full release so it's not just a handfull of folks that can enjoy these early works.

You've got the Nyabinghi soul-jazz of 'Woah! There's No Limit' (featuring Mara TK on vocals) and 'In Your Life' featuring Lisa Tomlins that's which is a bit more housey.

Worth getting for the 'Nightclub Daydream' that'll will keep you dancing for 24 hours in it's spaced out Arthur Russell.

This has been packaged like some Record Store Day meets BBE's J-Jazz Series release with deluxe embossed sleeve with OBI strip and liner notes in both English and Japanese; collectors will be hungry for this but it's a great album - don't be slow!

Artist: Lord Echo

Title:  Rarities 2010-2020: Japanese Tour singles

Release date: 5th May, 2023

Label : Soundway Records

Catalog Number : 12" / Digital / Bandcamp [distributed in Japan via Wonderful Noise]


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