Friday 5 May 2023

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R&S Records are 'In Order To Dance' and they've been tracking down music that does that for forty years now.

So, if you see any vinyl with the black horse rampant on it, you can rest assure that your going to find something that'll move you body but you might not immediately think that's it's outside of an electronic, techno, house, breaks, drum 'n' bass style.  And this is more than true of the label's latest 'find', the Batavia Collective.

Based in Jakarta, the trio sound like they are trendy East London jazz nerds with some serious Herbie grooves that will get another Hoxton head throbbing for their 12".

Four tracks that are generally in a 'modern' Bob James meets jazzy hip-hop beats bruk kicks off with 'Senopati Shuffle' with those upfront jazzy keys is the opener.   'Interchanges' is named after their "jam" composition style, 'Riot On Friday' is the dubby one and 'Joni Indo' was the pre-release that got all the intitial attention.

All are ready for radio plays and this is a welcome signing for R&S as I'm guessing Batavia Collective could be the source of some very interesting remixes/re-inpretations - definitely ones to watch.

Artist: Batavia Collective 

Title: BTVC EP

Release date: 5th May, 2023

Label : R&S Records

Catalog Number : RS2301S1 / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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