Thursday 25 May 2023

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Annabel (lee) are husband and wife duo Sheila and Richard Ellis and thier lastest release is an 4 track EP of live covers called 'Live Covers' which was recorded 'live' in LA.

The four tracks are well known being 'Blackstar', one of Bowie's most atmospheric and haunting of tracks, 'River Man' (Nick Drake's classic that's equally atmospheric and haunting), 'Windmills' (Michel Legrand's big pop his and the recent passed Wayne Shorter (RIP) most popular, 'Footprints' (with new original lyrics by Sheila).

As any undercover agent will tell you, it's all about the added value and this large band with harp, flute and cello certain add a large amount to this project along with Sheila's words/vocals (she trained in New York with Andy Bey!)

We've recently seen that the electric guitar is much under-used in jazz (see Enrico Le Noci's 'Electric Nuts', review HERE with covers of 'Voodoo Chile' and 'Maiden Voyage') and Eric Klerks rocks out on 'Footprints' with Sheila doing her best ship wrecked ghost siren with the violin in 1930 swing with that harp; what was I saying about " atmospheric and haunting"?

If you haven't heard Annabel (lee) before, there's 'By The Sea... And Other Solitary Places' which came out on Ninja Tune/If..Music. and at the time, I'm not sure that they knew what to do with "abstract classical jazz on the leftfield" which, of course, they are far more familiar with now - check out what Coldcut are upto these days - see review HERE).  

Sheila and Richard are clearly guys are still 'out there' [in LA] or should I say Further Out [Recordings] there (their current label); These four tracks are like windmills in my mind like a 'live' version of the Cinematic vs Mahavishnu Orchestras doing cover versions - bring on the album.  

Sheila Ellis - Vocals, Richard E - Acoustic Guitar, Aniela Perry - Cello, Eric Klerks - Electric Guitar, Sonjia Hubert Harper - Flute & Backing Vocals, Jillian Lopez - Harp Anthony Lopez - Keyboards, Mark Gutierrez - Bass, Chris Parise - Drums

Artist: Annabel (lee)
Title: Live Covers
Release date: 26th May, 2023
Label: Further Out Recordings
Cat. No: FUR016
Format: Bandcamp / Digital.


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