Monday 24 April 2023

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So if you were more than happy to hear, Felix Laband's album is that came out at the end of last year on Compost Records; 'The Soft White Hand' (see review HERE) and then two remixes, 'We Know Major Tom`s A Junkie (Frivolous Remix)' and '5 Seconds Ago (Coldcut Just Say No Remix)' (see review HERE) prepare yourself for the rest of Part 1!

I would not have thought 'They Call Me Shorty' would get such a couple of hypnotic dancers first by Acid Pauli and then DMX Krew; love 'em both.

Not to be outdone, Shahrokh Dini's 'Derek And Me' flips the "tail-cocking at convention genre" to a  deep house disco race [would also recommend Shahrokh Dini – Compost Black Label #149 – Remix EP]

On the digital bonus, there's an instrumental of '5 Seconds Ago (Coldcut Just Say No Remix)' which is a great addition for those knob fiddlers out there and DJs.

Hard to imagine where Part 2 will go but lets hope it's as good as Part 1 at least.

Artist: Felix Laband 

Title: The Soft White Hand Remix EP Part 1: 

Release date: 24th April, 2023

Label: Compost Records

Cat. No: CPT 614-1/-3

Format: Digital / Bandcamp


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