Friday 14 April 2023

If you've recently danced to Terry Farley and Wade Teo's hit, 'Why We Dance' you'll recognise the name and the voice of Kameelah Waheed as the girl from New Jersey who is now on the new release from Colour & Pitch, Sumsuch and Will Brock's 'Don't Know Where I'm Going' that comes with Gavin Boyce remixes.
It's been a while since the Sumsuch / Will Brock release 'All Along' and even longer since their collab album project, Mega Jawns' 'Ten Letters From Home' (BBE) so it's great to have them back as they connect over the pond with this tale of being lost.  Original sessions started in May of last year so it's about time we can hear Brock's soulful vocals that are so perfect for this track.

Waheed is now based in Philly (as is Brock) and also recently appeared on Honey Dijon's Defected album ‘Black Girl Magic', so she's really in demand at the moment and taken to heart the spoken word part similar to born and raised Philadelphian poet. activist, artist, Ursula Rucker.  

Ireland's Gavin Boyce (Nordic Trax) is on the buttons with a vocal mix and a dub. If you know his 'Anywhere Here' album, you'll expect some deep synth spacewalk from this guy; and that's what you get and putting the two tracks together, it's a magnificent 15 minutes!

Really think that BBE should have a look again at Mega Jawns (it's more than just a one way ticket to 'Joy') but in the meantime, I know where I'm going with Brock, Sumsuch, Waheed and Boyce, straight to the 'play again' button.

Artist: Will Brock & Sumsuch
Title: Don't Know Where I'm Going (inc. Gavin Boyce Remixes)
Don't Know Where I'm Going (feat. Kameelah Waheed)
Don't Know Where I'm Going (Gavin Boyce Mix)
Don't Know Where I'm Going (Gavin Boyce Dub Mix)
Don't Know Where I'm Going (Instrumental)
Release date: 14th April, 2023
Label Colour and Pitch
Catalog Number CAP087
Cover artwork and photography by Zoe Childerly, as part of her project ‘Beneath The Waves'. More information at:


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