Friday 21 April 2023

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Never did I think that this years' Record Store Day would produce such a great re-release as Terry Callier's 'Hidden Conversations' album form 2009.

At the time, this was another "re-launch" of the master vocalist as it followed his appearance at the Massive Attack currated Meltdown Festival and the Bristol trip hop sound is all over these six tracks.

'Once I Dreamed Of Heaven' is Callier at this most Dwight Trible/Leon Thomas but the co-written with Robert Del Naja ‘Wings’ (sung rap?), ‘John Lee Hooker' (he doesn't sound like John Lee Hooker but it's as if he was there in the studio) and ‘Live With Me'.

This is a goosebumps album in a good way.  After his re-appearance from the 60s Prestige/Cadet/Elektra beginnings, working in a car factory was it, he had a whole new 90s generation of fans with five albums on Mr Bongo from 2001 until his untimely passing in 2012; 'Hidden Conversations' being his last album release.

Callier was regular at the Jazz Cafe and festivals and his easy, laid back style is more than here as he sounds 'live', like on the beginning of the title track.

Originally a CD only release it now comes out on black vinyl with new artwork and an OBI strip. Original hipster.

Artist: Terry Callier

Title: Hidden Conversations (RSD Edition)

Release date : 22nd April, 2023

Label : Mr Bongo

Catalog Number : MRB264

Format: LP / Bandcamp


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