Friday 25 November 2022

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This is absolute brilliant madness as the Baleraic beach is now an acid house vs. tai chi dancefloor.

Fans of Kiko Navarro will be aware of his 'Sounds Of My Breath' collaboration with Tai Gung/Qigong expert Nader Behravan (and Navaro fan) but the idea of Osunlade 'Yoruba Soul' remix has turned mantra of 'less is more' on its head(stand) pose.

There's seems to be a trend with acid at the moment with the new Hieroglyphic Being album 'There Is No Acid In This House (Soul Jazz Records) and, of course, our favourite 303 in you're disco with Daniel Wang's 'DSDN EP' (Paloma).  Any coinsidence, that Osunlade made his name at Soul-Jazz with his Yoruba Soul sound?

Nader is a perfect instructor but if you find his spoken word distracting there's an instrumental version.  Osunlade is not scared of it as he takes it fully on-board as he takes us on a smooth trans-euro 303-acid drop trip . 

Shame no Kiko Navarro Motor City Jazz Remix but perhaps it's in the pipeline.  Video's of Nader's breathing technique can be found on Kiko's web site for further enlightenment. 

P.S. Osunlade is also featured in the latest copy of FAITH, Winter 2022 vol. 3 #8

Artist: Kiko Navarro ft. Nader Behravan

Title: You Take Over (inc. Osunlade Remix)

Release Date : 25th November, 2022

Catalog Number : AFTNE052

Label : Afroterraneo

Format: 12" / Digital

1. You Take Over ft. Nader Behravan (8:31)

2. You Take Over ft. Nader Behravan (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Remix) (8:42)

3. You Take Over ft. Nader Behravan (Instrumental Version) (8:25) 


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