Monday 14 November 2022

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Italian jazz has a huge history with labels as Black Saint and Soul Note to Schema Records and A.MA Records.

A.MA Records/Edizioni you say? Yeah, not so well known but that's changing as DJ Bob Hill (BBE, TWR, ReddSugarBlack Creative) as he is championing their releases with a compilation series and there's some remixes by Elbert Phillips.
Their latest album release by electric guitar maestro, Enrico Bracco is just out.  

'Flying In A Box' is his fifth album an very much modern jazz from the opening track 'Flow', with it's gentle stream like quality into the more angular 'Unresolved'.

'Urge' finds the band - personnel: Daniele Tittarelli (as), Pietro Lussu (p), Giuseppe Romagnoli (db), Enrico Morello (d): Drums - in more of a swing mode before the reflective gentleness of 'Cold' (in fact, I think 'Cold' is my favourite track of the eight on the album). 

There certainly is a sense of drama throughout the tracks that the band interpret prefectly as with the title track, 'Proved Honestly' and the more upbeat, 'The Same Way'.  

Bracco is certain not at all flashy and whilst jazz guitarist come in many forms these days, from the ever active/popular Bill Fisell to Lionel Loueke (who's recently announced a Herbie Hancock tribute album with Gilles Peterson!).  But if you're a fan of Kenny Burrel and Barney Kessel or even Stanley Jordan and Bireli Lagrene, this album is for you.

Artist: Enrico Bracco 

Title: Flying In A Box 

Release date: 11th November, 2022

Label : A.MA Records / A.MA Edizioni

Catalog Number : LP / Digital / Bandcamp


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