Monday 14 November 2022

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Ramrock Records are back with a new release on their Blue imprint as Maxine Scott x Alf.E follow up thier fantastic 'Ya Energy'.

You can guess why her first release was called 'Erykah U Bad' as there's obvious comparissons with her Badu-ness (but that's not at all, it's got to be better than good).

With a vocal and a beats version you might be thinking, "where's my fix of North Street West's usual trio of superb vocal/dub/instrumental remixes"?  But please don't as, in truth, you don't need them as this is so hypnotically groovey. 

It ain't X-rated or blue but definitely deep and SXC is already feeling it's going to be new 'golden era' in a blink of an eye.

Artist: Maxine Scott x Alf.E

Title: SXC

Release date: 14th November, 2022

Label: Ramrock Blue Records

Cat. No: RRB015

Format: Digital


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