Friday 14 July 2023

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If you're a proud owner of any of the Glücklich's compilations; vol. 1 was a plain old VW Beetle cover, MkII (Split screen VW Camper),  Glücklich III (another Beetle), IV was like a Deloren Beach buggy, V some sort of Porche soft top - it gives you an indication how these compilations into Rainer Trüby's 'Collection Of Brazilian Flavours From The Past And The Present' have become more sophisticated over the near 30 years it's taken to get to Vol. VI!

That said Vol. 5 came out in 2002 but it's clear to all that Rainer has lost none of his enthusiasm for music that has been touched by the Brazilian spirit; he's even dug out a track written by José Prates (he of 'Tam...Tam...' that I recently mentioned for Bala Desejo's new album, 'SIM, SIM, SIM' see review HERE) called 'Adericó' by The Matheus Combo and it's so good, it could be Bala Desejo!

The other eleven tracks range from Jon Lucien's 'Come With Me To Rio'  to 'Hallo Höppel (from Wütrio's rediscovered album - see review HERE) to Sweden's A Bossa Elétrica with their take on Roy Ayers' 'Sob A Luz Do Sol (Everybody Loves The Sunshine)' [not such about the vocoder bits] and check the vocals on 'The Mystery Of Man as a Trüby/Corrado Buccu remix!]

Trüby is such a digger that even when you think you know what's coming, he'll surprise you. Get the album and make yourself 'happy' and you can imagine all those old 'Glücklich' CD comps will be being even harder to find now. 

Of course, you'll want to know that VI's motor is; I'm told it's a VW Volkswagen SP2 manufactured in Brazil between 1972 and 1976.  Wasn't Vol. 2's camper made in Brazil then exported to Europe as you couldn't get them over here?

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Glücklich VI compiled by Rainer Trüby

Release date: 14th July, 2023

Label: Compost Records

Cat. No: CPT 617

Format: LP / Digital / Bandcamp


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