Friday 17 November 2023

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We Jazz are expanding!  Not like you and me, but, more accurately, expanding their artist horizons as they release an album by Costa Rican/Brooklyn based Kenneth Jimenez. 

Leader/bassist/composer/photograph joins  Angelica Sanchez (p), Gerald Cleaver (d) and Hery Paz (sax) on 7 tracks that echo some 60s free-jazz roots.

With a Latin influence but not too the obvious extent of a Carlos Garnet / Gato Barbieri / Chick Corea / McCoy Tyner to a more 'Copenhagen 1963' sound a la Cherry, Shepp, Coleman et al - particularly, 'Barrio Sur' and the modal-flutey 'Dia Laboral' that showcases all of the band really well. 

'Sonnet To Silence' is a curious title (Ed. no doubt why they wanted it?) for a jazz album that's got some ambient moments (like  'El Pato') but is more of an intriguing combination - if you like, We Jazz in New York; as for the very lucky 'Ojo de Buey' and the very busy ' 'Mr Shipping' I'd say it's, "taking The Comet Is Coming to John Coltrane's back yard".

I'm sure that one day We Jazz will take over Village Vanguard for a festival season and when they do, the Kenneth Jimenez Quartet should top the bill.

Artist: Kenneth Jimenez

Title: Sonnet To Silence

Release date: 17th November, 2023

Label : We Jazz Records

Catalog Number : WJLP51

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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