Friday 10 November 2023

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At last, the full album of Jullian Gomes, 'Bruno & The Birds' is now out along with even more beautiful artwork.

It's seems such a long time since earlier singles, the collaboration with Jordan Arts on 'Home (see review HERE), 'uHambo' the track wit Kuniyuki Takahashi (piano) and Sio, 'Let Me Go' (see review HERE).

So we know Gomes' deep Afro-house stylings with Hôtel Costes quality artwork (if not subject matter) is something just gets deeper and deeper into the dancefloor, like the opener 'Fear Flying' that's has a host of influences to levitate above the bass boost synths (also on 'Intruder' together with a bit of Balearic boogie).

Talking of Balearic, add some sublime jazz horn dub (provided by Robin Fassie and KJM Cornetist) and it's not going too far to say that 'Purple Trees' is Miles House!  Did I just say that?  

And then you're not quite on the beach yet as the closing track 'Amaro's Heart' chill-hops to the end but with a "love letter" from Julian's Dad but you can't ignore 'How?' (that features the vocals Sabrina Chyld) who's title is, as ever, appropriate in these troubled times - think this might take off and it's possibly the one that'll make Sumsuch's Colour & Pitch Sessions mix this month [Ed. yep, it's that good].
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Artist: Jullian Gomes

Title: Bruno & The Birds

Release date: 10th November, 2023

Label: World Without End

Catalog Number: WWE012

Artist: Jullian Gomes, Kuniyuki Takahashi & Sio

Title: Let Me Go

Release date: 6th October, 2023

Label: World Without End

Catalog Number: WWE012


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