Friday 24 November 2023

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Well, you might have thought you knew everything about Fred Everything you needed to know only to find out that he's 'All Is Well' too and 'A Break In Time' is just the musical album refresher we all need.

I was somewhat surprised to find out that, Fred Everyting (aka Frédéric Blais, DJ,producer and remixer for over 25 years from Quebec, Canada and best mates with Martin 'Atjazz' Iverson and many more on the cool side of deep house) was also known as just 'Everything' in his early career and was a big fan of all things ambient.  And it proved that lockdown was 'A Break In Time' that he used to re-address this area to affirm, 'All Is Well'.

Luckily, this album of ten tracks have found a home at Compost Records and it draws inspiration from all electronic and non-electronic ground breakers, Reich, Terry Riley, Eno (both of them), Tangerine Dream/Krautrock, System 7 and many more, even Carl Craig.

Thankfully, we're not drawn into 20 minute chill-out drones but beautiful pre-Balearic 'intros' as the titles allude to; 'Day One', 'Day Two', 'Tranquillity' and 'Risqué.  'Forever And A Year' is most Reich like but any of this tracks could get picked up for Film/TV/Advert as they are captivating.  The dreamy 'Towards' and 'Phillippe' are another two and it's easy to see why German electronic stars like Dixon and Âme are fans; getting back to Berlin-Canadian links, time for a Wagon Repair revival?

'Cosmic Winter' is the most 'upbeat of the set whilst 'At Well' starts a bit too 'Big Brother' for my liking but that's a small gripe as mostly it's warm and lush. 

Apparently Fred has also been working under the moniker Incognito and teaming up with an old Beats In Space favorite, Lauer and Atjazz as a trio so lets hope we don't have to have another 'lockdown' period for the All Is Well follow up album.

P.S. And check out Will Sumsuch's interview on 5 Magazine HERE.

Artist: All Is Well

Title: A Break In Time

Release date: 24th November, 2023

Label : Compost Records

Catalog Number :  CPT 624 LP / Digital / Bandcamp [The album is also available in Dolby Atmos, as well as vinyl and digital formats]


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