Wednesday 1 November 2023

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World Surf League followers will be just recovering from the recent Malibu Longboard Championships but the big winner on our finals chart is the No'West remixes of 'Ride the American Wave'.

This year we've really enjoyed Twelve Caesars' album 'Scenes From Wild Eyed Dreams' (see review HERE) and particularly the single, 'California Sleaze' (see review HERE) but label big wigs apparently always had there eye on the closing track on the album, 'Ride the American Wave' for a full Twelve 'bore' Caesars Beedle/Morris/Wallace coming down the barrel remix.

The EP comes in 3 versions, 'No'West Vocal', 'No'West Dub', 'No'West Insturmenta' together with the original.  And if you thought the original was on the Californian West Coast Highway road trip with CS&N, Beach Boys, Grateful Dead the No'West version(s) get even more psychedelic with the addition of Darren Morris's fuzz pedal and the violin wave that gives it some British 70s rock to it, did someone say, "Beatles, The Who, Supertramp, Man and many more" who's somehow slithered into the the mixing desk and makes the trio of remixes even more complete; rumours of a 'The Whole Side Of 'Side-A' Edit' may be exagerated but it's not a bad idea as this is a fantastic 20 minutes that can satisify your all your soft rock balaerics needs.

And what is this 'Ride The American Wave' about? Apparently it's an adaptation from Hilaire Belloc's book, 'The Modern Traveller' (free to download on Project Gutenberg) and there's a deeper sense of foreboding going on the keeps your attention throughout; especially if your waxing your boards.

PS. Point Break is the best surf-inspired action films of all time. 

Artist: Twelve Caesars

Title: Ride The American Wave 

Release date: 3rd November, 2023

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRR054


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