Wednesday 15 November 2023

Feel the soul energy of Natasha Watts' 'Music Is My Life' as she re-affirms that she is she and more!

First things first; we know that you can't judge a book by its cover and this is NOT the music to either a perfume advert or some Balearic wild swimming so with that out of the way.

Natasha Watt music have been living 'Music Is My Life' as she's been getting praise for over 10 years for her previous 3 albums but this has to be the pinnacle to date.

Eleven tracks that groove like a Reel People release will be the tops for fans of full on soul/R&B/jazz-funk like BBC 6 Music, Mi Soul,Solar FM, 1BTN; Jazz FM and the rest.

The 'middle' part of the album really warms up like 'I Do, I Did, I'm Done', 'Heaven Sent' and 'Part Of My Life' and the post-80s boogie 'Right The Wrong'.

Did someone say, "Reel People?" We'll you won't be surprised to hear that tracks were produced by  Toni Economides, Mike Patto (see their last album, 'Love 2' - see review HERE),  Ziggy Funk and Dave Doyle.

'Brighter Days' was a single earlier this year (pop/funky 70s Stevie/Shalamar) which was followed by 'I Am Me' that Tony Blackburn played on his BBC Radio 2 show' great to know that a young Tony got a sports scollarship to Milfield School from Poole (he's got a new book out you know and that was his 'shoe-in' to an interview on TalkSport last week); his 'soul' days on BBC Radio London would have been more interesting me thinks.

The album also finishes on a high with another three great tracks, 'R U Ready' (a little more gospel this one with some very pertinent lyrics for these troubled times), 'Feels Like Sunshine' (even more funky 70s Stevie than 'Brighter Days' with a touch of go-go/Canned Heat) and then inevitable ballad, 'Say Goodbye' that'll make you reach for the tissues (in a good way).

With such album, you can bet all the usual suspects will be queing up for the remix action that's bound to follow on from what is a real grower - her life in this music will make you feel like sunshine; burnin' hot!  You'll want to take a dip in that sea after all.

Artist: Natasha Watts
Title: Music Is My Life 
Release date: 17th November, 2023
Label : Natasha Watts Music
Catalog Number : LS001ADG, Digital / Bandcamp 



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