Friday 10 November 2023

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So who's going to know what was the first 'Burger' hit was - and we're not talking McD, BK or German roots!

No! This debate relates to George Darko's 'Akoo Te Broto' vs. Lee Dodou who was the vocal and guitar on the 'Akoo Te Broto' back in 1983.  A mere 40 years on, I think we'll leave the Ghanaian Hi-life experts to it. But what is upper most is the Kantata's 'It's High Time Now' (great title and no metion of burgers) is that from 1986 feature Mr. Duodu on lead (vocals and acoustic guitar) is Steve 'Chief' Kwame (Highlife Time, Asiko) on bass and vocals,Ekow 'Savage' Browne on drums (Pat Thomas & Marijata); Oghene Kologbo on guitar (Fela Kuti, Afrika 70) and well known Fouad Amooo feauring on vocals, drums and percussion.

From the look of the album cover the band are having a great time in this 1986 version of Hi-Life.  And you get it straight from the start of 'Odo Beba (Ateaa)' with bouncey bass and synth, it's 80s but not overtly cheese; although there's a touch of pop-soul on 'Heartbreaker', boot-zippin' on 'Monsom' and reggae-euro-pop, 'Feeling So Nice'.

There's been quite a few of these Asona re-issues now on BBE as the 'Peckham' diaspora gives back the sound of the homeland.  And 'It's High Time Now' is a great place to start you're investigation into the party - especially the disco-funk-rap 'It's High Time' and the saxy, 'Saturday Night'.

Artist: Kantata 

Title:  It's High Time Now 

Release date: 10th November, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE743 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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