Friday 10 November 2023

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Acid meets Philly CRT poetry that champions, 'Love, Honor, Respect'; we say, choose this for the dancefloor.

We know that Kameelah Waheed is much sort after from appearances on Sumsuch & Will Brock's last release, 'Don't Know Where I'm Going' (with Gavin Boyce Remix - see review HERE) and cropping up and most surpristingly on Joseph Malik's massive album on Ramrock Records (see review HERE).  Even so, the Ramrock/F*CLR HR Department must have worked overtime to get Andrew Sant (Mancunian now living in Oz) and Kameelah together.

But here's a label that can spot a dancefloor anthem after Darren Price's 'The Real House Music EP' (see review HERE) or the drac-tech-house of Natasha Kitty Katt's 'Batt Danse EP' featuring Billy Wirth (that came out for Halloween - see review HERE) but you get an additional scary-synth edged "choose life" accapella and an equally squelchy instrumental version.

Don't forget, we saw Andrew on the 'High Power 2023 Rework' release (see review HERE) so we know he's got a thing for an acid knob twiddle (Ed. Haven't we all!)

Artist: Andrew Sant

Title:  Love Honor Respect ft. Kameelah Waheed

Release date: 10th November, 2023

Label : F*CLR Music .

Catalog Number : FCLR029

Format :  Digital / Bandcamp


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