Wednesday 8 November 2023

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This ain't nothing to to with the Shipping Forecast as Boozoo Bajou put their 5th album toe in the waters off 'Finistère'.

Like contemporaries, Theivery Corporation,  the downtempo / trip hop / dubby scene hasn't gone as one of their(Boozoo Bajou) tracks appeared on the latest Café del Mar compilation this year and Theivey's Eric Hilton's latest album that came out a few weeks ago (see review HERE); indeed, those with good memories will recall Thievery Corporation did a remix of Boozoo Bajou's cover of 'Under My Sensi' plus their track 'Camioux' was remixed by "our mate" Biggabush (see interview HERE) as they were both on the same label at the time.

In fact, Boozoo Bajou (Peter Heider, Florian Seyberth) were mates with all the big players back in the day (and probably still are) and this album contains some of their more recent collaborations with vocals by Steve Spacek ('Sparks') and Jules ('Tiefer' and 'Tough Times') plus there's co-productions with Fürsattl ('Höhensonne') and MODALiST ('Belle Flamme').

That said the instrumentals are more than lush, 'Orfeu', 'Calcutta Glow' and 'Viajantes' showing off thier expertise in soul-jazzy-dub-OST-Latin-trippy-beats, but all 12 tracks are worthy of a double vinyl release (or download if you prefer).

In fact, there does seem to be a connection with the sea, ('Belle Flamme' and the title track of course) and whether you'd like to pigeon hole it as 'Sub-Balearic' or 'Modern Lounge' (Ed. can't decide), this is a beautiful re-emergence (not return) and mean I can put away the 'Take It Slow' 12" I've been carrying around for nearly 20 years; last played at the Bournemouth Dub Club if I remember right! 

Did I hear someone say, "Fisher, Dogger, German Bight"?

Artist: Boozoo Bajou

Title: Finistère

Release date: 3rd November, 2023

Label : Pilotton

Catalog Number : Pilotton020 Digital / Bandcamp 


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