Friday 24 November 2023

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Is this a re-issue from 1977? Is it a disco sample project? Is it something now? Well, it's all three and "the story of my Dad" says TTeo on the track 'Love Circus' from the brand new album, 'Lovexpress77'.

We know how good the single from a few months ago, '42H' (see review HERE), but TTeo's strange timewarp concept starts in 1970 when Fernando Antonio Capreoli, his Dad, left southern Italy to make his fortune; which took the first steps with being a drummer in the disco-funk-rock band 'Lovexpress' which led to tours of Scandanavia (1974-1979) as the the band was a mix of Italians and Scandinavians.

But this is no 'beyond the grave' story as his Dad found some tape recordings of these gigs and the quality was excellent so TTeo (aka Mattei Caoreli) was so inspired by this find, by sampling and reworking the original 'Lovexpress' he's produced a 12 track album for Sonar Kollektiv.

So with the back story to 'Lovexpress77' being almost as mad as Larry Levan's Joubert Singers’ “Stand On The Word" Remix, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by the gospel-funk-house dance quality of 'Follow Me'; and then you've got that salsa boogie of 'Troppo Sexy' and the disco thrust of the title track - 3 great reasons to get the album in itself.

It's hard to believe that the band wasn't a huge group nearly 50 years ago if they were making tracks like 'Figli Delle Stelle' and 'Mi Fa Sofrire' as versions in English would have likely have made UK charts; actually, they'd probably been too good for that; thankfully the nu-disco/70s  revival means we're able to dance to this music today: 'Mi Fa Sofrire' is just great lounge-pop-boogie.

'Sometimes' features the vocals of Dalila Cabalera and is more in a off-Latin-house groove (bit of a grower as Slim Shady might say) and then again, there's an undercurrent throughout the album of DJ Shadow's 'Endtroducing......; that comes to the fore with the jazzy beats on 'Pantera'  and the closing track, 'A Bronx Tale' sounds like something Pink Floyd could have closed one of their albums with.

Of course, the cyncs with cynical eye might be thinking this is just a rouse to "get the band back together"/Sugarman bio-pic a la Sixto Rodriquez (RIP 8th August 2023) but that's because it's what cynics would think.  I'm more that convinced this is a young musician that was inspired by his Dad's musical past and wanted to celebrate it by using it as the inspiration to produce the best he could; and it's a ticket you'll want to get to jump onboard the Lovexpress77; next stop, the turntable? DJ booth?

Title: TTeo

Title: Lovexpress77

Release date: 24th November, 2023

Label : Sonar Kolletiv

Catalog Number : SK477D Digital / Bandcamp 


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