Monday 13 November 2023

Singer/songwriter Charles Kwadwo Kwarteng aka Mr Cee is off to a party and we're all invited.

'Nye Wonko', unlikely to be New Year's Eve Wonko - but if there is such a thing and they're playing Mr. Cee's album, make sure you can go.

The story goes that there was a low-budget digital version of this album which was clearly in need of a Highlife big band upgrade and thanks to the recording at Ghana Films Studios / Asona records, this is it.  Now even more enhanced with the BBE re-issue it sounds super funky and super dancey.

As ever, Mr Cee tells a storey with these songs, even thought I've no idea what he's saying, whatever trouble he's found - like 'Bribiara Wone Mmre' and 'Nanna', those horns (especially, Sammy lartey on tenor sax) and jangley guitars are going to see him get to a brighter place (and dancehall). 

'Joyce' is the almost obligatory track on the album that we can tag as "reggae" and it's definitely one of the better ones on this Asona re-issue series that you might be thinking is getting a bit overwhelming; and perhaps it is at BBE HQ as oddly, this seems to be a digital release at the moment but I hope there's going to be a vinyl version coming soon.

Just as good as the Thomas Frempong album, 'Anansi Shuttle' (see review HERE) and they saved the best 'til last, 'Yeda Mo Ase' - perfect highlife party.

Artist: Mr Cee

Title:  Nye Wonko

Release date: 10th November, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : Digital / Bandcamp 


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