Friday 24 May 2024

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With everything in the current state of things, what we all need is some of Fred's 'Love, Care, Kindness & Hope'.

We've already had a feel for Fred Everything's latest album with the increasingly hypnotic, 'Soul Love' featuring the Stereo MC's (see review HERE) on 'Breathe' featuring our local favourite, Alexander James Bright (see review HERE) and the classic sounds of Robert Owen on 'Never'.

And what's even better, Mr. Everything (aka Frédéric Blais) is just as good on the other seven tracks with just Sapele featuring on 'A Long Time Coming' and just as importantly, multi-instrumentalist (but particularly sax and flute) Finn Peters.

In fact, perhaps it's a little surprising that there are not more guest appearances as he's worked with and remixed so many since since debut album came out in 2000, 'Under The Sun' (which itself included the input of Atjazz).  It still sounds like a deep jazzy house that's layered into the grooves of 'Love, Care, Kindness & Hope' along with Peters who was making waves in the original Bruk/jazzy house golden period himself.

Between them they can bring Montreal down to a Detroit boogie flute gang zone ('Hope Is On The Horizon'), move to the modern electronic shuffle of 'A Good Day' and bounce to a Mr. Scruff-style bounce (Evening Ghost).

There's something for everyone who likes a dance and a lazy day on here and I'll definitely be playing out these tracks this summer, especially the happy clap 'Moonrise'; soul love people!


Artist:  Fred Everything
Title: Love, Care, Kindness & Hope
Release date: 24th May, 2024
Label : Lazy Days Recordings
Catalog Number : LZDLP19
Format: LP Digital / Bandcamp 


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