Thursday 2 May 2024

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The guitarist is oft overlooked as main man in a jazz band setting but here's some modern electric that's you'll want to find in any 'Bistro', Ladies and Gentlemen, Joel Haag.

Following on from the recent album 'Mod' by Anna-Maria Nordström (on the same label - see review HERE), Joel's 'Bistro' is his second album, his first album, 'Six Feet Apart' that was more a jazz trio plus strings.

So 'Bistro' is like neither of these and then, like the orignial interpretation of the word. "a small restaurant serving moderately priced, simple meals in a modest setting", this is not the "look at me" jazz guitar of Pat Metheny (sometimes), George Benson (when he was popular), James 'Blood' Ulmar' or going right back the "original", Charlie Christian.  

This is simple and at times elegant modern jazz, like the slow blues of 'Old Watch Still Ticking' and 'The Wailing', that's reminiscent of all of above in a band form.

The highlight is the atmospheric OST "free jazz" of 'Song For Peace' - a tad over 10 minutes long - and like the rest of the ablum, in additon to Haag on guitar, highlights Adrian Åsling Sellius (alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute), Pelle Westlin (tenor sax, clarinet), Björn Petersson (bass) and Anton Jonsnson (drums).

More for fans of Art Ensemble of Chicago, Mike Reed (see review HERE) or a harder edged J.J. Whitefield - possily a combination of all three!

Artist: Joel Haag

Title: Bistro

Release date: 2nd May, 2024

Label: Varva Records and Music

Cat No. VRAMCD07

Format: CD / Digital


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