Thursday 23 May 2024

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One man's 'The End Of Pangea' is another man's dancefloor 3 track EP for the summer!

We thought the release by Be Adult Music of MiraculuM's 'Discoverse' was a great addition to the dancefloor (Ed. And it still is - see review HERE), but Baron Ashler will make a global name for himself with this 3 track EP: 'Pangea', 'Laurasia' and 'Gondwana'.

This is the Baron's world tour to house-up the Ibiza chill beach and synthwaves (particularly on 'Gondwana' with a touch of the operatic vocals), some dreamy Indo-Middle Eastern-Balerics on 'Laurasia' as a wanders down from the church of the Himalayas but for the whole effect, 'Pangea' is my current favourite.

The artwork is equally mesmeric and deserves to be on a 12" sleeve at least - 'organic' is much misused term, but in this case, there is a real growth of a new good; grown up music if you like.

Artist: Baron Ashler 
Title: The End Of Pangea
Release date: 23rd May 2024
Label: Be Adult Music
Catalog Number: BAM363


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