Friday 24 May 2024

We've been so lucky recently to have featured new jazz albums from Sweden and here's another that's a revelation and shines a light on Coco Chatru Quartet's 'Future'.

The artwork might be retro (al la Ladybird book covers), Coco Chatru (the Quartets inspiraton, is a legendary Swedish adventurer) and the album was debuted at the Glenn Miller Cafe (this is no Glenn Miller war-time jazz).

So before we look to the 'Future', it's worth a moment to point out that jazz has been in Sweden for nearly 100 years, and whilst it might not be at it's historic peak at the moment, it does seem from this distance that there is a 'revival' similar to the Norwegian Jazzland Recordings or Finland's Ricky-Tick Records 20-25 years ago.  

That's not to say there haven't been some modern Swedish jazz masters like free jazz saxophonist, Mats Gustafsson and more recently, Anna-Maria Nordström band on 'Mod' (see reveiw HEREand Joel Haag's 'Bistro' (see review HERE).

Back to the 'Future', this eight track album is beautifully recorded and there's some big swingin' tracks like, 'På Flykt (x) Genom Djungeln' and the where all four members are on it: being, Linus Kåse (alto sax), Charlie Malmberg (baritone sax), Håkan Trygger (double bass) and Daniel Kåse (drums).

On a different vibe, Swedish bossa mellows out on 'Paubrazil' and at the othe extreme, the two longest tracks (at just over six minutes), 'Tillbaka Till Hytten' is a tender Ayler-esque blues and 'Ner I Djupet' is a killer, baritone sax led film noire OST big band swing in a Quartet setting. 

And it's interesting how swinging horns are supported by drums and bass on 'Kampsång', 'Plötsligt Händer Det' (the one with Håkan's acoustic bass solo) and 'Dagdroppe'.

All songs are their own compositions and when you're as good a musician as these guys are, it could have been easy to have thrown in a quick populist cover version,  That would have have stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb as the Coco Chatru's Jazz Adveturers are cooler than that.

Just going back to history, I don't suppose I can leave out meniton of the adoption of many U.S. jazz musicians in the sixties in Europe, particularly Albert Ayler, Don Cherry and Ornette Coleman in Scandinavia (and importantly, The Ornette Coleman Trio's album, 'At The "Golden Circle", Stockholm' on Blue Note) and CCQ have taken some of that heritage into their Stockholm free-swing on this great album.

Only available on vinyl at the moment so get you're orders in now!

Artist: Coco Chatru Quartet

Title: Future

Release date: 28th March, 2024

Label : Trygger Music

Catalog Number : TM1

Format :  Vinyl LP 


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