Friday 31 May 2024

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We have been singing and dancing the praises of the Toucan Sounds crew outta "fashionable Williamsberg" for some time now but it's now all about 'You'  by Anthony Nicholson featuring Brandon Markell Holmes and Chris Rob.

We know that these New York based hipsters are big from Brandon's 'Fuller' (see review HERE) and 'Go Ahead' (see review HERE), Dee Diggs, Brolorizo (see review HERE) and the superstars that are muscelcars (album coming soon on BBE).

We don't normally go nuts about a track that's got a Carlos Santana guitar solo but 'You' is a exception so it's a brilliant fusion with some deep house and jazzy synths and keys (provided by Chris Rob) that'll just keep you groovin' in bar and dancefloor.

Little wonder as Anthony Nicholson has been at this a very long time after meeting Ron Trent in 90s (I wish I could find, Nicolson's 'Dance Anthology' from 1999; on Peacefrog, who remembers them?) and whilst I'm no Ron Trent, both the vocal and instrumental versions are over 12 minutes long and I get more excited each time they are played (note: there is a shorter but perfectly formed radio edit also).

Nicholson is originally from Chicago and this release is full of his home town and it's set to be YATM's 2024 theme! Check out Colour & Pitch Sessions this month from Will Sumsuch.

Artist: Anthony Nicholson

Title: You ft. Brandon Markell Holmes & Chris Rob

Release date: 31st May, 2023

Label: Toucan Sounds

Cat. No: YTCW114

Format: Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp


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