Friday 10 May 2024

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For those that enjoy Imaginary Radio Stations, here's the first out of Transmission Towers, 'Transmission One' being the debut album on Luke Una's É Soul Cultura label.

Fans of the charactmastic DJ, producer, promoter and 50% of The Unabombers, Mr Una (aka Luke Cowdrey) will know from his DJ sets and compilations (last seen HERE with Luke Una Presents É Soul Cultura Vol.2) that he is very much his own man when it comes to what rocks his musical dancefloor.

That said, you don't have to be the next Mancunian Tony Wilson off the rank to know if you got a mix of duos like MR Robots and Glass Slipper in a 70s ESG come Roy Ayres Ubiquity funk soul groove, like the first single, 'Sparse' (see review HERE) that it's going to bounce folks off the wall.

Coming from Liverpool, we're told that Mark Kyriacou and Eleanor Mante are divided by the River Mersey and then brought together Mark's music and Eleanor's lyrics.  And like any historical port, there's lots of split atom divisions that are then re-forged together with influxes to safe harbours; in this case, Detroit-flavoured deep house" with a bit of 80s Compu Rhythm programing with a big touch of Sun Ra school. 

The leftfield post-punk Afro-futurism there throughout (notably on 'Everything' and 'Mega') and in all, the 12 track album has got elements of a dreamy pirate radio past (late night Sunday soul of Invicta FM on 'Go Slow Heart' and 'Affirmation Of Love') but we love the spacey longer tracks like 'Planetary Alignment', 'My Shadow', 'The Universal Drift' and 'Cosmic Trigger' whilst your radio plays will be full of 'Up', 'Roller Skater 23' and 'Sparse'.

This is deep, soul and pop all at the same time and you can see why Luke (and DJ BiggaBush) is so tuned into this - you should be too!

Artist: Transmission Towers

Title: Transmission One

Release date: 10th May, 2024

Label: É Soul Cultura

Cat. No: ESOUL0193BT108

Format: Digital / Bandcamp


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