Saturday 18 May 2024

Who the blimey is Tryangle Man?

Still a man of mystery even after the release of his album 'Dream Sequence 1544' on Atjazz Record Company from 2001 that featured the quirky upbeat 'Night Jazz' hit.

Still a bit offbeat on his return with the single 'Theatre Of The Sand مسرح الرمل' that takes us to a cross between Max Cooper, Batov and Cee ElAssaad.

But that doesn't tell the whole story of the 'Discovery Of Pangea' as this 11 Day (sorry, track) journey and it's like a super-collection of parts that possibly will all drift apart?

'Midnight Jazz' is like a Duke Ellington trio's take on dance/house whilst 'Deep Mind' synths into a bit of Daft Punk and bits of lots of tracks are classical (in a good way), like many stand-out tracks, 'Everything' and 'Power'.  In contrast, there's the Kraftwerk-esque 8-Bit-Go-Go of 'Whispers Of A Dialogue' (that's 'Day 6' of the discovery expedition!) and the faster 'Desert Hills' that'll keep you hot-steppin' into the night.

So little surprise that his fans include the craftsmith likes of Laurent Garnier, DJ Koze and Josh Wink.  And there was I thinking that 'Discovery Of Pangea' was going to be this years' jazzt South Beach Recycling's ' Obsessive Compulsive Disco' (see review HERE) but it's deeper (no pun etc..) than that, get ready for the nu-Pythagoreanism spaceship dancefloor from Beirut!

The album launch on 18th May is at Notting Hill Arts Club where he'll be joined by Ben Hadwen on sax/flutes (Emanative's old mate) ad Miguele on vocals; and supported by Paoli & Simba and Paraiba for a full night of jazzy afro-house pleasure - check out the full details on Resident Advisor HERE.

Artist: Tryangle Man 

Title:  Discovery Of Pangea 

Release date: 18th May, 2024

Label : Tryangle Man Records

Catalog Number : TMR009AD

Format: Digital / Bandcamp 


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