Monday 6 February 2023

Here at YATM we're very south coast based, I'm close to a recycling centre and some might say we're more than a little OCD but we've gone totally Miami Beach over this from the Atjazz Record Company.

Apparently this project started with some rough demo's being sent to Martin (Mr. Atjazz) Ivesonfor possible inclusion on a compilation project but so impressed was he, that he (Atjazz that is) has transformed these 10 tracks into the first 'Album Of The Year' nomination [Ed. that's 2023 even though there was a 23.12.22 release date].

If you like your house music to be full of snippetts of what sounds like long lost sounds (the recycling) that's been influenced by the master of this area, Theo Parrish (in his Ugly Edits days), this is the album for you.

Not overly disco (dispite the catchy title) or jazz or soul or house, but a total blend.  It's funny that I thought that the track of the year so far, 'Jonny's Hustle' that got the big sweeping strings, jazzy keys and a manic rock guitar riff, would be the most overlooked track.  Well, I believe that it's quite the opposite as I'm not the only one that thinks this is main room magic -it's a bit like a housey Daedelus when he was at his peak.

But this is more that a one track album, as '&JUST&NIGE&MARK&G' is more of a squelchy synth disco wobble along with 'One Synth Wonder' with a organ ping-pong battle and 'Sunset 313' gets a little uptempo Balearic Sun Palace beach wear.  

The truth is it's fantastic throughout with all tracks over 6 minutes and some over 9 and thankfully Atjazz heard/saw this as an album even though he's got to be one of the busiest men in Derby; watch out for a new remix of MF Robots' 'The Love It Takes' (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub) on BBE coming soon following the outstanding one released last September!

Not surprisingly, the plans for a remixed version of the album are well advanced (Ed. missed out again!) but really hope that there's a physical vinyl product at some stage as the dusty diggers of the future need to get their hands on this and think that early 2023 was a the best year ever for South Beach Recycling as that they saved the planet with the obessive compulsive disco craze - open up your wallets and 'Open Up Your Heart'!

Artist: South Beach Recycling 

Title: Obsessive Compulsive Disco

Release date: 23rd December, 2022

Label: Atjazz Record Company

Catalog Number: Digital / Bandcamp


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