Thursday 23 February 2023

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What the hell! It's been over five years since Gecko Turner's 'That Place, By The Thing With The Cool Name' and over ten since 'Gone Down South'!

So it's about time the world had a new album by the multi-instrumentalist talent that is, 'Somebody From Badajoz'.

These 11 tracks are very him as 'Lovemonk' drenched soul Afro-Cuban Latin funk that touches the beach and dancefloor.  

At one extreme, he can play the radio pop-funk charts with 'Ain't No Fun Preachin' to the Choir' to the playa del Río, 'De balde'.

And if you've had a heavy Saturday, 'Little Dose' is a perfect Sunday morning pick me up, it's that good it's ideal for future Paul Hillery 'Children Of The Sun' compilation.

What's so great about Grecko is that he's just fantastic as whatever he puts his mind to, I can't believe he's sad, ('Am I Sad?) and what a happy clappy climax 'End Of The World (if Armageddon is coming, this is the one to go out on).

If you're into the Heavenly Sweetness / Pura Vida Sounds / Soundway Records, this is one for you; get it now before all his old remix mates start bangin' on his door.

Artist: Gecko Turner

Title: Somebody From Badajoz

Release date: 24th February, 2023

Label: Lovemonk Records 

Cat. No: LMNK74

Format:  LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp

FlyGlobalMusic's Damian Raferty reviewed Gecko's second album, 'Chandalismo Ilustrado' back in 2006.


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