Tuesday 14 February 2023

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ans of the Souljazz Orchestra may recognise the name Pierre Chrétien as he was the driving force/multi-instrumentalist (Piano, Vibraphone, Marimba, Harp, Accordion, Percussion, Vocals) behind the Canadian group who released a great series of albums on Strut and Do Right! Music!

So with a background of over ten years in a top-rated soul-jazz-afrobeat band, who'd have thought he would have time to link up with fellow Canadian based musician/educator/trumpeter, Ed Lister to form Cinephonic to explored their mutual love of jazz-funk themes and cinema.

Their first album came out in 2020 on Marlow Records, 'Les Paradis Artificiels' and was very 60s OST meets beats.

The follow up, also on Marlow Records, 'Visions' is still in the same film ball park but also a bit prog/psychedelic; and even baraque - if you can imagine a organ happy 60s Procol Harum/Deep Purple (both did albums with orchestras) vs. 'Ascenseur pout l'echafaud'.

And what a vision it is!  Ten tracks with pretty much a 13-piece big band/orchestra that goes from the 'Apache'/'Peter Gunn' themes with "Hank Marvin" on track's like 'Le Combat' that's 'Good, Bad & The Ugly' awesome, the big orchestration on 'L'Exil' and more beat/Axelrod 'Pénombre' and the longest track, 'Le Feu' (check the sax on this one).

The addition of a bit of harpsichord and some Victor Feldman quality vibes are reminiscent of the film noir and there's alos some tracks that remind me of Glyn 'Bigga' Bush's 'The black Albumen' project of last year.

Lister and Pierre star on 'Tribulations' and there's like some echoes of Lalo Schifrin too on 'Les Souterrains' and 'Douleur' but my favourite track where it all comes together is the  glorious light that is, 'L'Étoile'.

This album is what the Resonant FM's OST Show used to be about and if we were still in the good ol' days, Jonny Trunk would have got these guys in for the full 2 hour show as it's the Cinematic Orchestra meets DJ Shadow and with Ennio Morricone!

There's a ever increasing interest in music design for film and films that haven't been made yet) and if this is anything to go by, we'll be back for much more.

P.S. thanks to Benjamin 'From France' for recommending this album to YATM for Valentine's Day - better than going to the cinema!

Artisit: Cinephonic

Title: Visions

Label: Marlow Records

Catalog No./Format: MRLP067 Vinyl / CD / Digital / Bandcamp

Release date: 3rd February, 2023

Zakari Frantz - Flute
Petr Cancura - Tenor Sax
Ed Lister - Trumpet
Ajo Elias - Flugelhorn
Mark Ferguson - Trombone
Mike Schultz - Trombone
Keith Hartshorn-Walton - Tuba
Cendrine Despax - Violin
Jean Despax - Violin
Olivier Philippe-Auguste - Viola
Valérie Despax - Cello
Pierre Chrétien - Piano, Organ, Clavinet, Vibraphone, Guitar, Percussion
Thibeaux Toussaint - Bass
Mike Essoudry - Drums


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