Friday 3 February 2023

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Kid Fonque has always moved to a different beat whether it's house, hip-hop, bossa, bass, bruk and loads more.  A stalwart of  South African electronic music and club culture over the last 20 years he's also boss of STY TRU BTS Records as he knows quite a lot of spotting new talent.  And that is exactly what he's found emcee/producer EMAMKAY from Pretoria. 

'When The Sun Rises' channels his inner D' Angelo with some Dilla/Flying Lotus; could it be a coincidence that Biggabush was playing tracks from 'ArtDontSleep Presents... From L.A. With Love' only last week?  

The killer here is that this is a 'jazz' band, the Sounds Like U Quintet: Jeffery Mahachi (d), Michael Nkuna (trumpet) with Bokang Ramatlapeng on vocals and EMAMKAY (MC/piano/keyboards), very futuristica.  

The forthcoming album 'Love Is Energy' is due at the end of March and if the other tracks are as cool as this....


Title: When The Sun Rises

Release date: 3rd February, 2023


Catalog Number : STB20 / Digital / Bandcamp 


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