Thursday 16 February 2023

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Si Tew's forthcoming album, 'Quietude' (Atjazz Records) was 'conceived' in Venezuela but this release is by a Paris-based Venezuelan folk trio Isólito UniVerso and is the real thing!

By 'real thing', I mean it's almost beyond words as folk, meets electronica that Delia Derbyshire would be proud of and then 'out-there' South Americian tango reminicent of Pedro Ricardo's new album 'Soprem Bons Ventos'.

Folk Rock, Post Rock, Joropo, Psychedelic Rock, Folk, Música Criolla; its all in. And whilst the whole album is fantastic, there's a massive stand-out Hermeto Pascoal meets Sun Ra at the Swingle Singers' left bank cafe as Stereolabs very own Laetitia Sadier joins them (and the sheep!) on 'El chivo' - I'm guessing this one will be all the 'big DJs' favourite track from Gilles Peterson to Jonny Trunk (both Stereolab fans) as it's a real 'find'.

'Goyo Tuyero' is pure circus, 'Fulia del Cacatal' is near Spanish nyabinghi folk and 'Tonada del Bip Bip' is like old world rain forest Mia Doi Todd with Carlos Niño.  And whilst all this is going on, there is a light heartedness to this project (like 'Ventana Honda') which is surprising.

Ra fan and Heliocentrics' Malcolm Catto (check out what he was up to when I interviewed him in 2005 HERE), mixed their first album, 'La Candela del Río', (to be re-issued soon I hear due to the response to their latest) and now this second album 'Ese Puerto Existe' as he's clearly in-tune with their world musical view; we definitely need this album.  

Thank you Olindo Records. 


Artist: Insólito UniVerso 

Title: Ese Puerto Existe

Release date: 8tFebruary, 2023

Label : Olindo Records

Catalog Number : Vinyl / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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