Friday 24 February 2023

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Wow! Ramrock Blue Records are red hot with superstar Maxine Scott.  

Once more, the new release with beats maestro Alf.E is a perfect expression of modern love issues as 'Guard Down' follows the equally youthful, 'Ya Energy' and 'SXC' (all beloved of BBC 6 Music, FACE FM and other high quality radio stations worldwide).

'Guard Down' is arguably the most 'open' Ms. Scott has been lyrically on the three collaborations with Alf.E so far and therefore, most touching/emotional - get the cover artwork?

The only problem with these kids today (Ed. I feel a soapbox coming on) is why, oh why are these tracks so short?  I really don't get it!  If they can concentrate for 2 hours for "beats and instrumentals to help block out distraction" but over 3 minutes! (check out BBC Sounds' 'Focus Beats' which is apparently the in-thing at DJ school these days!)

Anyway, back to 'Guard Down', there are vocal and instrumental versions and watch out and in the future, there's more collaborations as she's a dance orientated session with producer  Andrew Sant, a solo track as part of the Black Science Orchestra's 30th Anniversary and a live gig at London's Jazz Cafe - life is moving fast for this young lady, let's hope she doesn't let her guard down.

Artist: Maxine Scott x Alf.E

Title: Guard Down

Release date: 24th February, 2023

Label: Ramrock Blue Records

Cat. No: RRB016

Format: Digital


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