Wednesday 22 February 2023

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Dizzy Gillespie will always be remembered for developing bebop (along with Charlie Parker) and introducing Afro-Cuban/Latin style into jazz in the late 40s.  But what was he doing in the early 70s? 

There's two album released on Perception Records, 'The Real Thing' and 'Portrait Of Jenny' that are both being re-issued on BBE on 17th February.

'The Real Thing' features a regular companion James Moody (ts) along with Mike Longo (p), Eric Gale (gtr), Phil Upchurch (b) and Candy Finch (d).

Longo, best known for his '900 Shares Of The Blues' album of jazz-funk-fusion wrote most of the material including the club classic 'Matrix' which Longo included on his own album a couple of years later on Mainstream Records.

But this is more than a one hit album as the very next track 'Alligator' is another sort after on the Mo' Mod Jazz scene and whilst all the musicians are brilliant, what was Eric Gale on?  Whatever it was, this is definitely some of his best work.

'Closer' is a rare vocal track in the gospel swing of things before 'Soul Kiss' gets Even Mo' Mod with the benefit of Nate Edmonds' big organ sound and Dizzy being very 60s interproative/experimental (this guy was in his 50s at the time!)

Could the b-side be as good with an cover of 'Summertime' and a tracks called, 'High On A Cloud', 'Let Me Outta Here' and 'Ding A Ling'?  We'll, it's far more relaxed and showcases the bands love of the blues, especially on the longest track on the album, 'Let Me Outta Here' and the more upbeat 'Ding A Ling.

Once more, thanks to BBE for diggin' this one (in more ways than one) and getting it Dizzy to the wider audience it and he deserves.

See review of 'Portrait Of Jenny' HERE.

Artist: Dizzy Gillespie feat. James Moody

Title: The Real Thing

Release date: 17th February, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE659 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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