Friday 24 February 2023

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WAAN's debut album is out this month as Bart Wirtz (sax) and Emiel van Rijthoven (keys) realize their dream that's been 5 years in the making.

You'll recall 'KinK' and 'Open' from late last year, (see YATM review HERE) and now we've got the other eight tracks to make up the album 'Echo Echo' (so good, they named it twice - Ed. you can say that again).

Strongly recommend checking the bandcamp link below as there's also a video of 'Omi' recorded live in the Eminent Studios.

You may have heard this tracks as tastemakers like DJ Gilles Peterson, Mr. Scruff and our very own Will Sumsuch  have taken these guys to their hearts/DJ booths as it's very modern jazz-funk, like Floating Points, a mellow BadBadNotGood, or a slim Weather Report as yet can bet both Bart and Emiel are big fans of Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter; particularly on a track like 'Chivat' even with its a bit of bruk in it (a track that apparently evolved out of a band jam!) 

And the more you listen to this album, the more you hear (is that 'spray can' percussion on the alt. version of 'Chivat'?) and the better it gets.  Like the jazzy 'Lost', the "out-there" '1974' which they've made sound a bit big band electronic (ohhh, don't you just love the 70s - definitely could be TV theme music with that racing synth) and the funkier 'The Cricketer' that's more Death Wish Herbie in Swinton (where 'The Cricketer' Public House is!) with Jason Swinscoe serving pints.

Talking TV/FIlm themes, 'Frequence' is where they trail the suspect in the mean back streets, at night and it's raining whilst 'Hard Cane Bone' is like a confluence of all that's gone before.

Mixed by Oscar de Jong (he of Kraak & Smack) at Kraak & Smack's studios, its nothing like Kraak & Smaak as there are more likely to be comparisions with other recent albums like Urbs' 'Geheimland' or Conic Rose's 'Heller Tag' [Austria vs Holland vs Germany on three different German labels] but you'll want to get all.  

Sonar Kollectiv's founders, Jazzanova, have recently been on "holiday" with BBE's latest release, review HERE), WAAN, the Dutch for "delusion" fly the flag for modern nu-jazzness that is anything but delusional.

Live Dates:
23.02. – NL, Nijmegen, Brebl
24.02. – NL, Amsterdam, Bimhuis
10.04. – NL, Oosterhout, Theater De Bussel
27.05. – NL, s'Hertogenbosch, Jazz in Duketown 2023

Artist: WAAN

Title: Echo Echo

Release date: 24th February, 2023

Label : Sonar Kolletiv

Catalog Number : SK450D Digital / Bandcamp


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