Tuesday 7 February 2023

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Glass Slipper back again on Colour & Pitch, this month we've got the release of their  'Am I Alone' in various versions.

After listening to this track, everyone will flock to the dancefloor with some synthy jabs and the powerful vocals of Lisa Cork-Twiss (ex-Real McCoy) with a tale of sleepness nights, this is a perfect follow up 'Love Is Feeling'. 

Glass Slipper's 'Love Is A Feeling' came out on Colour & Pitch at the beginning of last year and the Hectic/Sumsuch Extension Edit was earmarked for airing on this month's TWR Cover Show with Jo Wallace.  But as TWR unexpectedly when 'off air' the remake of the Eloise Laws' original [she of the mighty Laws 'jazz' family from Texas] will have to wait as the Glass Slipper duo of Lisa Cork-Twis and Brad Eller [also Texas, Austin to be precise] have produced their own classic.

The 'Am I Alone' question theme works well in all versions; 'Dark','Light', 'Dark Dub' and 'Light Radio Edit' [Ed: where's the Sumsuch mix?] and this is main room bizz, the light mix is almost gospel house (in my 'house' at least - she's got such a great voice). 

Whilst I'm sure that Lisa and Brad weren't going for a "CAMRA convention" vibe with the combination of Dark, Light, Dark Dub and Light Radio mixes; drink yourself silly with this one as you won't be alone for long.

Artist: Glass Slipper

Title: Am I Alone EP

Am I Alone (Dark Mix)
Am I Alone (Light Mix)
Am I Alone (Dark Dub Mix)
Am I Alone (Light Mix Radio Edit)

Release date: 10th February, 2023

Label Colour and Pitch

Catalog Number CAP086


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