Friday 3 February 2023

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There's no stoppin' those diggers at BBE as this time they've gone for a private press from Western Massachusetts (so not to be confused with the English psychedelic-folk / acid-folk band from the 60s).

This is far more of a 70s strange mix of soft rock versions of Doobie Bros., Greatful Dead, Steely Dan, Lynard Skynyrd meets The Small Faces in a folk club.

It's more than an enchanted Forest as they were obviously very talented and were looking for a big record contact.  As that never came, the band split up and went onto work alongside Faith Hill and Reba McIntyre (Jim Kimball), Danny Gatton, The Gatlin Brothers, Nile Rodgers and Chic, The Fab Faux and Bruce Springsteen (Bill Holloman) and Wes Talbot founded The FRESH Music Library.

I'd have got my A&R pen and contract out for 'Crazy Days' alone or the autobiographic 'Chasing Dreams' and 'I Need Love' but perhaps they wonder what would have happened if the 6 bonus tracks BBE have included on this release were on the original pressing?  Would the blue eyed funk of 'Lady Luck' have tipped the scales? "Superstition" as someone might have said in the 70s whilst the fact this band had two drummers, Gary Stevens and Bob "Rox" Girouard should have got them the gig.

And after listening to this album you'll be screaming 'Love Ya'  Forest!

Very much BBE in their Larry Rose Band and soon the come, Will & James Ragar envelope.  

P.S. Just heard 'Crazy Days' has made the final line-up for the follow up to Paul Hillery's compilation, 'We Are The Children Of The Sun' with 'Once Again, We Are The Children Of The Sun' out April 2022 and March 2023 respectively.

Artist: Forest 

Title: Forest

Release date: 3rd February, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE724 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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