Friday 31 May 2024

I might be getting to sound like a broken record, but BBE Music's eclectic musical taste is as good as ever this year and The Brkn Record's 'The Architecture of Oppression Part 2' celebrates this in so many ways

This is in total contrast to the label's last album, the equally excellent self-titled, Grupo Ébano (see reveiw HERE), The Brkn Record's follow-up to 'The Architecture Of Oppression Part 1' (Mr. Bongo) continues a theme of the fight against the evils and wickedness of Racism in a BLM continuum with a Sun Ra/ Max Roach/Coltrane musical heritage.

The Brkn Record (aka Jake Ferguson) being 50% of founder of the Heliocentrics (along with Malcolm Catto: last seen of the mixing desk HERE) and with his long contacts list has managed to work here with Percee P (Stones Throw Records), poet/author Anthony 'The African Origins Of UFOs' Joseph (last seen HERE) at one extreme and at the other, two young talents from a Ferguson community project in Hackney, Great Okosun and Yolanda Lear.

Much like the first album, Part 2 is a heady mix of jazzy psychedelic soul funk hip-hop spiritual (quite a bit of Alice Coltrane vibe going on) with the Joseph tracks ('Skull Tax', 'Indifference' and the very Heliocentric, 'Intensity In Five') standing out along with the Ugochi Nwaogwugwu tracks ('Believe' and 'Prison Of Skin' in a Indo-Cinematic Orchestra of Ra way) ,the closer, 'The Walls Of Jericho' featuring Dylema and back from Part 1, Jermain Jackson ('We Need Freedom').

If often said, if it ain't broke, don't fix it - this Brkn Record sees the broken in us and these ten tracks are said, "inspires, compels and empowers".  With the continuing state of world affairs, not only do we expect a Part 3, we need a Part 3!

Artist: The Brkn Record
Title: The Architecture of Oppression Part 2
Release date: 31st May, 2024
Label : BBE Music
Catalog Number : BBE766
Format: Vinyl 2xLP / Digital / Bandcamp  


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