Monday 29 April 2024

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This sounds like and looks like a Mr Bongo find but it is BBE's diggers that have unearthed this one from the deepest corners of Rio's classic Brazilian bossa and MPB vaults.

It's always hard to believe that there's so little appreciation by the Brasilian youth for the elders like Seu Jorge, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento (as Gilles Peterson would tell you) when backing vocalist Gill Miranda has supported such Dingwall/Jazzdance trendies in the past.

So much so that back in 1997, Gil's 13 songs sung by an all-female vocal group, Grupo Ébano, (BTW, pronounced, "Grupo EH-ba-no"), was released under the eponymous title on CD on a small independent label in limited quantities and faded out view to all but the most dedicated of fan.

But those with good memories and sharp ears will recall Grupo Ébano's 'Pé No Chao' was included on Compost record's  'Glücklich VI' (see review HERE), that was compiled by Peterson's and DJ Miche's mate with the sharpest of Bossanova, Fusion, Latin Jazz, Modal, MPB, Soul-Jazz super fan ears, Rainer Trüby.  

And now you've got another dozen tracks that all could have equally been picked by Rainer.

So with this renewed interest, BBE have picked it up with a full vinyl release as it's got the sound and swing of 60s and 70s as if Swingle Sisters singing in Portuguese in a gospel church of Edu Lobo / Nara Leão / Joyce (Moreno) et al. 

Now this is re-issued (no CD version ironically), be sure youngsters that've picked up the nu-waver's from Rio, Bala Desejo (see review HERE) will be on this: as will old fans on the MPB 

Artist: Grupo Ébano
Title: Grupo Ébano
Release date: 26th April, 2024
Label : BBE Music
Catalog Number : BBE765
Format: Vinyl 2 x LP / Digital Bandcamp  


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