Monday 29 April 2024

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Bowie may well have been loving the alien but Natasha Kitty Katt and His Bitter Truth get tongue and groove action on the dancefloor with this 'Galactic Love' affair.

This is somewhat different to the last time we saw NKK with the 'Batt Danse' featuring Billly 'Lost Boy' Wirth (see review HERE) as Billy has been given the elbow and His Bitter Truth (aka Raff) has stepped up to the launch pad.

A atmospheric Hi-Energy track that's draws on  as much of Duran Duran's disco era as it does Tommy Soul's favourite Italian Funk and Disco dancefloor floorfillers on Lumberjacks In Hell.

If you love spacey Kraut-synth whirling, it's original and instrumental versions for you.  And again, so different to the fantastic previous release on the label, DJ Paul Funk and Quinten De Rozario Remix release of 'Hold Me Back' by Chip E ft Kid Enigma (see review HERE).

Expect to here Ms. Kitty Katt playing this out as she DJs internationally at all the best electric galaxy hot spots.

Artist: Natasha Kitty Katt ft. His Bitter Truth

Title:  Galactic Love 

Release date: 29th April, 2024

Label : F*CLR Music .

Catalog Number : FCLR031

Format :  Digital / Bandcamp


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