Friday 5 April 2024

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So this is a 3 track EP.  All tracks are roughly 6 minutes long. The problem? 

They all need to be longer as this Afronerd needs more AfroNerd Afro-house space lab boogie on the dancefloor. 

The title track is classic mix of synth disco-house that blend an 80s vibe of sorts with modern Afro-house.

If you thought the 'Amnay EP' by Enskyer featuring Salah Fafah was good (see review HERE), you're going to love the closing track, 'Moya Wami' featuring the vocals of Notha Shoto for a dreamier Afro-house.

Three tracks you said!  Remarkably, 'Sands Of Time' has a Indo-rain forest take from the South African DJ/Producer to show of his skills even more.

Prime Colour & Pitch Sessions material and very confident that you'll hear much more AfroNerd this summer. 

Artist: AfroNerd Feat. Notha Shoto

Title: uMsindo weNdlovu EP

Release date: 5th April, 2024

Label: Ostowana

Catalog Number: OST052

Format: Digital


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