Friday 22 March 2024

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Ostowana are celebrating thier 50th release with Enskyver and featuring more Morrocan tradition from Salah Fafah with an EP, 'Amnay'.

The two tracks highlight traditional instruments in the house with the Ouitar on 'River' and 'Amnay' features Ribab (one-stringed fiddle) and Amazigh (Berber of Morocco) music.

Is the 'River' balearic? The Ouitar is like the North Africa electric benju; or have we a mix of Oud and Guitar? Either was, it's a mesmerising track 

And whilst 'Amnay' just misses St. Patrick's Day, the fiddle like sound is perfect for Gallic reached house music.

Salah has all the rock-star attributes and this is going to get even more global appreciation.

Artist: Enskyver Feat. Salah Fafah

Title: Amnay EP (River / Amany)

Release date: 22nd March, 2024

Label: Ostowana

Catalog Number: OST050

Format: Digital


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