Friday 8 March 2024

Deep Excavation is drilling down to 'Feel The Flow' with Morris Revy that fits in with the Ramrock red, green and gold mining for quality reggae and dubs.

In fact, it was a combination of Ashley Beedle (the other half to Ramock Records' prime instigator and all-seeing eye of musical goodness, Jo Wallace) that got hold of Deep Excavations (aka Alan Keane) in Ireland (Ed. any relation?) with a vocal by Nigerian Morris Revy.

Mr Revy has a really expressive vocal delivery that approaches dub poetry as this guy really does feel the riddim with a Ha Ya! eternal life (no, not this one - see review HERE).

The instrumental continues the groove as it's like a mesmeric train ride where you make a move like an express; with no stops, or buffet car!

And there's a dub which just perfect for the nyabinghi house trippers that's equally suitable for some balearic beach action.

No only that, there's a Balmr remix (aka Greg O'Connell) that sounds like the southbound tube line on dub race to Brixton with no time to read the poem of the day as you feel the flow.

Somewhat difffent to the last release from the Ramrock family,  Marcus Malone & The Motor City Hustlers 'When Hurt Walks Out The Door' (see review HERE) but it's equally as great: as you'd expect from all Ramrock productions.

Artist: Deep Excavation ft. Morris Revy

Title: Feel The Flow EP

Release date: 8th March 2024

Label: Ramrock Red

Cat. No: RR012

Format: Bandcamp / Digital


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