Monday 25 March 2024

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You don't get many London-based/Milan-born singer-songwriter/drummers to the pound/kilo these days and in Eleonora Claps, it's something to contemplate.

'10PM' consists of ten original songs recorded as a trio of Eleonora (vocals, drums, percussion), John Crawford (piano and Wurlitzer) and Andy Hamill (bass), "the difficult second album", has been lauded by London Jazz News after the album launch at Jazz Cafe POSK on 22nd March.

We're fans of a jazz trio album, especially ones with Italian connections, like Bruno Montrone Trio's 'Unaware Beauty' (see review HERE) but having Ms. Claps on vocals and backing vocals gives this more Jamie Cullen style pop appeal, especially as the lyrics are in the rights of passage / midlife crisis / reflections on youth / growing up / "life" envelope.

The vibe can be smokey club (do you remember them?) to lounge bar - do love a slow Latin smoocher ('I Got Dreams' - the longests track on the album featuring piano and keyboard) than the more intense 'Contemplate' or the quirky/honesty of 'Scene' (that's a bit of a grower).

My Italian vocabulary is probalby a tad lighter than Dom Servini's (Wah Wah 45s and now JazzFM) so I have no idea was 'Il Tempo Che Passa' is about but it's lovely; somewhat like when Deborah Jordan sings in Italian. And that's backed up with another, 'E Sera'.  

And then 'Working' (a song for Mums everywhere) and 'Renegades' have a North Sea/European Festival vibe about them; perhaps it's Eleonora vocal sound; and the backing vocals, make this sound mutch deeper than a trio..

Crawford and Hamill sound perfect in this set up and the album deserves a round of applause (I must be the first person to spot that?)

P.S. Check out her first album 'Stars' that's mostly the same line-up and there's a couple of great covers. 'Time After Time' and 'Dear Prudence'!

Artist: Eleonora Claps Trio 

Title:  10PM

Release date: 15th March, 2024

Label : Independent

Catalog Number : -

Format: CD / Digital / Bandcamp


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