Friday 8 March 2024

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As a small cog in the international music appreciation world, it's always encouraging that favourites like K.O.G gets to excel with other new musicians.

You'll recall Kweku Sackey (aka K.O.G) as rising star with his own releases and through his collaborations with Nubiyan Twist, Scrimshire and ONIPA and his connections with Heavenly Sweetness.

So it's no real surprise tha La Yegros wanted to add his Anglo-Ghanian rap-stylee to her South American Afrobeat for a track that's full of multiculturalism.

Another breath of fresh air taken from her forthcoming album 'Haz' (out on the 29th March)

Artist: La Yegros feat. K.O.G

Title: Veo

Release Date : 8th March, 2024

Catalog Number : -

Label : X-Ray Production

Format:  Digital


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