Friday 29 March 2024

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This is BIG! It's Elephant and their album, 'In The Room' - it is the album that's literally, the elephant in the room that everyone will be talking about.

The Elephant is a trio of Gabriele Mitelli (Trumpet), Pasquale Mirra (vibraphone) and Cristiano Calacnile (drums/percussion) who, individually, well known on the Italian jazz scene, but this is a new style of jazz trio.

Possibly thick skinnned as 'In The Room' is their own thing of out there electronic hip-hop world-folk downtempo jazz that sidesteps it's way to Sun Ra worshipers.  

So it's easy to see how they'd get Rob Mazurek to do Jack Kerouac jazz-poetry  on 'What? You Don't Like A Beauty?'  And then there's Rob's best bud, Damon Locks (he of Damon Locks' Black Monumet Ensemble, Exploding Star Orchestra and "Chicago visual artist, musican and sound artist", Damon Locks.ont the more experimental "Tom Waits" in a rain forest on 'The Elephant'.  

Talking of rain forests, 'Cherry In A Box' is a bit Don Cherry meets Miles and Bill Laswell re-working 'Panthalassa' and then on a Stereolab influence, "Hey Mary", Cristina Donà shines with her original maths a la One + One = Love.  Her fans include Robert Wyatt and Robert Elm who are as disperate couple of Bobs as you're likely to find.

You may recall Mitelli and Mazurek's cosmic jazz collab 'Star Splitter' (2019: Cleen Feed) but The Elephant is as big as an Italian jazz's Azymuth, if they where Miles, Gary Burton and Airto who touch ECM/nu-jazz and Carlos Niño at at the same time.  

Like I say, it's BIG and you won't ever forget it.

Artist: The Elephant

Title: In The Room

Release date: 29th March 2024

Label: Original Cultures

Catalog Number: OCLP006 Vinyl / Digital / Bandcamp


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