Friday 29 March 2024

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We know your funk soul brother will want to know where your 'Space Soul Mother' is these days; Suddenly WOW! has found her.

Last summer we were introduced to Suddenly WOW!'s 'Plastic Life' other world but these space cowboys (aka Otti Albietz and Darren Morris) are now "out there" and this is their message from 2099.

In three parts, the main propulsion system being the 'Space Soul Mother' original version, the stripped back mix being the guidance system and the super dreamy instrumental which sounds to me like the structural element of the EP: all versions combine to deliver a mighty payload that emits space travel 60s optimism rather than private paid landings on the moon in 2023. 

Does this seem a lot different to 'Little Things' (see review HERE) and their big hit from last year, 'Plastic Life' (see review HERE)?  It's definitely less krautrock and more Hall & Oates mixed with a Balearic electric guitar with a touch of Bowie's space dub and some Love Unlimited Orchestra strings (and who wouldn't love that?).

Did I hear someone say, "Remix" - Naaaaaaaah, it's perfect as it is! And what would your (space soul) mother say? (Mrs Ramrock says....there could be a meteoric No'West remix in the asteroid belt).

Artist: Suddenly WOW!

Title: Space Soul Mother EP 

Release date: 29th March, 2024

Label: Ramrock Red Records

Cat. No: RRR059


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