Friday 29 March 2024

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There's no stopping the Ostowana team as Desert Raven's love of creating soundscapes with layers of emotion, depth and extened build-ups and climaxes is exposed on this brand new track, 'Nkosi Ya Wolo'.

So different the label's last release, Enskyver's 'Amnay EP' feat. Salah Fafah (see review HERE) but then again, not as the original is a proper fusion of Afro-house, WOMAD and spoken word/rap/poetry.

The Maris remix is a harder version of the original and Purple Tape's orgainic house is the straight from the rain forest to the dancefloor.

These guy's are speaking musically like 'men' (in a good way, like a insightful Bruce Lee) and DJs can't wait to play this out.

Artist: Desert Raven Feat. Seguya Sadam & Exit Onli 
Title: Nkosi Ya Wolo  EP (Original / Maris  & Purple Tape Remix)
Release date: 29th March, 2024
Label: Ostowana
Catalog Number: OST051
Format: Digital


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