Friday 8 March 2024

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F.I.D.E.L.'s new ablum 'Out Of Sight' is so typical of a Bastard Jazz Recordings' release - Jazz Not Jazz, Bastard Not Bastard or, in other words, just what you need.

It's been a little while since Buscrates' 'Control Centre' (see reveiw HERE) and Simon Mavin's 'Good Hair Day / Only You & Me' (see review HERE) but this is the disco to your Casa Bonita (see review HERE) the funk to your boogie as 'Odd Things (Parts 1 & 2)' is current post-Azymuth track of the year so far; especially as it's over eight minutes long. 

Is it any wonder when we find out the F.I.D.E.L is a collaboration of 'leader' Dilouya, UK legend, John Turrell (50% of Smoove & Turrell; who's album last year 'Red Ellen' featured a track with Ronnie Foster on it!
- see review HERE) and Hip-Hop/Soul major force, Sly Johnson (BBE, Heavenly Sweetness, Blue Note and also a member of the French hip-hop group, Saïan Supa Crew).

But this is no 'one-track' album as the spirit of Prince runs through this album, particulary on 'Star 51', brackets "we love America".and a slimmed down version of The Pointer Sisters.  Then, at times, such as the title track, there seems like an odd hybrid a of Sa-Ra Creative Partners with Sly & The Family Stone/Bootsy/Isley Brothers in a 80s night club in Newcastle Market Street (aka Tuxedo Junction).

This all sounds good to me and it'd be easy to keep 'Star 51' and 'Odd Things (Parts 1 & 2)' on repeat but you gotta smile at 'All Of This Is Fake' and '(I Don't Give At Sh*t about) Summertime'.

There are other guests like Noraa ('Out Of Sight, 'Heartbeat') and DKO Records' front man Larry Houl on 'Odd Things' (and as good as the combined Parts 1 & 2 are, where's the dub Part3?) whilst I do hope that there's a live performance/summer festival band to support this release. 

P.S. It's flute gang friendly too!

Artist: F.I.D.E.L. 

Title: Out Of Sight

Release date: 8th March, 2024

Label : Bastard Jazz Recordings

Catalog Number :  Vinyl (pre-order) / Digital / Bandcamp  


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