Wednesday 28 February 2024

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If you're in Portugal this spring and after some jazzy funk groove, look out for the Casa Bonita as they tour their album, 'Casa Bonita'.

Very much is a 70s disco jazz-funk groove, this intrumental 10 track album will bring back memories for some and a renewed thirst for crate-digging synthy grooves.

That said, if's got the fresh modern production values that Azymuth's Far Out Recordings have along with influences of Herbie Hancock and old skool London groove (Surface Noise, Level 42 etc) and current trendy, Andre 3000.

Very much ready for sun, beach and pool parties as the tracks have a Latin-jazz DJ feel to them; "What's this track mate?" I can hear you say - it's off the new Casa Bonita album!  Especially, the spicey 'Sambal' and 'Vongole' but if you're after some laid back rain forest action, 'Vian' is cool and a bit dubby balearic.

Great find this much cheaper than some long lost Brazilian jazz fusion LP on Camden Market that's probably only got one good track on it; Casa Boita is a big 10 out of 10.

Live dates
Sala Lisa, Lisbon Portugal - Feb 2
Madalena, Faro Portugal - Mar 1
Collect, Lisbon Portugal - Apr 16 (live session)
TBA, Portugal - Apr 19
TBA, Portugal - Apr 20 

Artist: Casa Bonita
Title: Casa Bonita
Release date: Vinyl Spring 2024 - Digital 26th January 2024
Label: Aquário Records
Cat. No: -
Format: Digital / Bandcamp


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